Fortnite Rifts Back Online

Season 4 went out with a bang thanks to those rifts that took over Fortnite and they rung in [...]

Season 4 went out with a bang thanks to those rifts that took over Fortnite and they rung in Season 5 with some pretty hype-worthy events. They were arguably one of the coolest things to happen in the title since it first launched. With events affecting both the game and players in real life, it was a monumental occasion to say the least. Though we had a leak earlier this week that hinted at a huge event potentially on the way concerning the big Rift in the sky, apparently a bug with the rifts in-game have caused the team to disable them in all game modes yesterday, but luckily - they are back online.

Epic Games took to Twitter to share the latest status update for those awaiting the rifts return to the Battle Royale game, "Jump into the action, Rifts have returned to Battle Royale!"

As for the big leak about when the big rift will go away for good, the rift is determined to disappear on Aug. 21st. We've even got a picture of what it will allegedly look like before it's gone from our hearts, and our game, which you can see here.

Of course nothing has been officially announced by the dev team over at Epic Games, as per usual. They love to watch the world burn as their fans try to figure out the puzzle themselves before the big reveal. Still, since we are only half-way through Season 5, this boasts well for that grand finale!

Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and select Android devices!

For anyone curious about the status of the Fortnite servers, there is also a checklist available that shows which parts of the server are up and running, and what areas are negatively affected. At the time this article was written, everything was back to being "operational":

  • Website and Forums Operational
  • Game Services Operational
  • Login Operational
  • Parties, Friends, and Messaging Operational
  • Voice Chat Operational
  • Matchmaking Operational
  • Stats and Leaderboards Operational
  • Store Operational

With the rifts coming back online, have you run into any other server issues? Let us know what problems you've faced in the comment section below! Until then, happy gaming!