Fortnite Players Bring Back a Vaulted Item

After being tasked with voting for one item or another to bring back from Fortnite's vaults, players have chosen which item they wanted to return. The Shockwave Launcher was the victorious one after it went up against the Rift-To-Go item, so if players still have some Gold Bars leftover after their donation efforts, they can now purchase the utility item next time they're in a match and come across one of the donation boards.

The battle between the Shockwave Launcher and the Rift-To-Go item has been going on for a while now after the donations officially started within the donation boards scattered around the map. The goal was for players to put their Gold Bars towards whichever item they felt would make a good re-addition to the loot pool in Fortnite, and to voice their opinion, they needed Gold Bars. After over a week of voting, Epic Games confirmed on its socials that the Shockwave Launcher had indeed won. A previous "vote" of sorts before this one asked players to decide where turrets would be built around the map by donating Gold Bars as well.

The two weapons have a similar enough purpose given that they're more geared towards utility as opposed to doing damage to someone, though it's not too surprising to see that the Shockwave Launcher won. Of the two items, it's the more interactive of the two whereas the Rift-To-Go has a pretty predictable outcome where you simply get to float down to a new spot.

With this donation cycle done, players can now purchase the weapon from the donation boards where they'd previously been casting their votes. However, it's unclear right now just how long this weapon will be unvaulted for. It could only be for a while, but it would also be for the remainder of the season.


Either way, with that vote out of the way, players can look forward to whatever is going to be up on the boards next. Based on details that have supposedly leaked already, it appears that one of the next few donation efforts will have players choose between two much more traditional weapons like SMGs and assault rifles. Epic Games has not yet announced what the next vote will be, however, so players will have to rely on those leaks and their own guesses to predict what'll be voted on until Epic Games confirms something.