Fortnite Teaser Hints at a Tenet Event

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet movie has already gotten more time in Fortnite than anyone probably could’ve expected, but it seems now that the crossover isn’t done yet. Fortnite players have now discovered an Easter egg hidden in the battle royale game which appears to be a teaser directly connected to the upcoming movie. Tenet is releasing internationally this month – though not in the United States – so one would think this event would start picking up sooner rather than later to coincide with that release, especially since the teasers have already begun.

The first teaser in question that players have found is located in the Steamy Stacks area. Players exploring the buildings in that point of interest began reporting some faint music that grew louder as you got closer to the source. After breaking through some walls to work your way towards it, you’ll be presented with some sort of orange case with an odd-looking item settled on top of it.

This teaser could’ve been for anything at a first glance, but the music gives it away here. It’s the same music pulled from Tenet’s trailers which tipped players off about what this teaser might pertain to.

Twitter user and Fortnite player AltaCalls shared a clip of the finding below alongside a better look at the in-game object.

It’s unknown what the next step in the event will be, but whatever it is, these sorts of things usually don’t take too long to play out in Fortnite once they start. Tenet’s international release date is currently set for August 26th, so whatever is going to happen will likely have to be resolved by then.


Those keeping up with the unlikely Fortnite/Tenet crossover will know this isn’t the first time we’ve seen something from the movie in the game. Back in May, a new Tenet trailer was aired first in Fortnite to make use of the game’s new Party Royale mode as players flocked to the stage to see the latest on the film. A Christopher Nolan crossover came later in June where players could revisit the Party Royale mode to watch one of three movies directed by Nolan depending on where they were located.

Fortnite players are typically quick to locate teasers and subtle changes in the game, so whatever is coming next for the Tenet event should be discovered pretty quickly.