'Fortnite' News at The Game Awards Isn't About Season 7's Launch

Fortnite will make an appearance at The Game Awards as both a nominee and as one of the many world premiers planned for the show, but the announcement isn’t about Season 7’s launch.

The Game Awards producer Geoff Keighley confirmed on Sunday through a Periscope stream that Fortnite would be a part of the show beyond simply being a nominee, and a new tweet from the producer on Monday confirmed that message by saying Fortnite would have a “World Premiere” at the event. Epic Games’ creative director for Fortnite, Donald Mustard, will be present during the announcement as well.

But considering how The Game Awards is scheduled for December 6th, the same day that Fortnite’s Season 7 is supposed to start, one possible theory is that the announcement has to do with the next season’s launch. However, Epic Games has debunked this idea with senior PR manager Nick Chester retweeting Keighley’s message and adding his own info to it. Chester said he couldn’t stress enough how much Epic Games has going on and said Keighley “isn’t talking about Season 7 launch” in his tweet.

Another interesting part of Keighley’s initial tweet is that it suggested people keep their games close to them during the awards show and the announcement with an identical message shared through The Game Awards’ official Twitter account. The wording suggests that whatever Epic Games has planned for the game’s world premiere, big or small, might be made available to players as soon as its revealed. Epic Games had a similar reveal during E3 when it was announced that the game was announced for the Nintendo Switch before immediately made available afterwards.


Epic Games has already begun teasing Season 7 on its own, so it shouldn’t be too long before players know more about the next season. The developer released the first teaser for the new season today with more to follow leading up to the season’s start assuming Epic Games follows the same pattern it did with previous season.

The Game Awards is scheduled for December 6th at 6 p.m. PT.