Fortnite Players Think The Rock Might Be The Foundation

Is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson playing the Fortnite character known as The Foundation? Fortnite [...]

Is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson playing the Fortnite character known as The Foundation? Fortnite players have developed a theory that suggests that might be the case, and from what we've seen so far, there have definitely been far more outlandish theories in Fortnite's history. It's not something that everyone's convinced of just yet, but players might already be onto one of Season 6's biggest secrets if the events of the season play out like some hope they will.

The Foundation was the imposing character who made a crash landing within a meteor in Fortnite in the Season 6 cinematic. Jonesy was about to meet his match at the hands of the Foundation before the two formed an unlikely truce to deal with the catastrophe unfolding from the Zero Point entity.

Could it be him..? The tattoo profile, the name... Dwayne on Instagram also said The Foundation on march 16th... from r/FortNiteBR

When the effects of the cinematic wore off, players were able to take a closer look at the Foundation's design, and some noticed that the Fortnite character's armored suit actually had some resemblance to The Rock himself. In the side-by-side comparison above, one Fortnite player on Reddit, matteoiceman, noted how the Foundation's design on half of the character's chest and their left shoulder lined up with The Rock's own unmistakable tattoo. On top of that, once could say that "The Rock" and "The Foundation" are two names that carry similar meanings if you want to look at them referring to an anchor of some sort.

Giving theorists even more fuel, The Rock posted a video on Instagram on March 16th, the same date that Fortnite's new season started. He spoke about topics in cryptic, roundabout ways during the video before ending it with the phrase "The Foundation" accompanied by his signature eyebrow raise.

Our penultimate clue (so far) comes from the game's files themselves where many of Fortnite's secrets are spoiled or hinted at. According to those who've peered into the game's files, audio files related to the Foundation are housed under a folder labeled "DJ." That abbreviation could be for any number of things, one of which could be "Dwayne Johnson."

Lastly, Fortnite players will recall that this isn't the first time theories about The Rock getting an in-game appearance have surfaced.'s Brandon Davis commented last year about how The Rock's float during the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade resembled a Fortnite character. The Rock responded by saying "Way ahead of you" to suggest that some sort of Fortnite collab might be in the works, though nothing has come of the tease yet.

Fortnite's new season only just started, and this seems like the type of secret that'll be held until later in the season, so players will just have to keep an eye out for clues until the identity of the Foundation is revealed.

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