Fortnite Update Actually Makes the Game Smaller

While most video game updates force players to free up a lot of space, the latest for Fortnite actually makes the game significantly smaller! According to Epic Games, the PC version of Fortnite will be reduced by 60 GB, in total. Most players will now find that the game only takes up between 25-30 GB of space in total. Supposedly, this will help decrease the size of future updates, and make the game load faster, as well! The update is available right now, but it should be noted that this one is only available on PC, so console fans might be a bit jealous!

Download sizes have been a hot topic over the last few years, as online games continue to release bigger updates. These often require users to free up a lot of space, just to keep playing. As the concept of Games as a Service continues to grow, more publishers will have to look into similar options in order to reduce the space that their games take up, whether it be on PC, or on console. Some of these games already have plans multiple years in advance, so it would be a great benefit for current players, and for newcomers that might shy away from bigger game sizes.

Given the popularity of Fortnite, the new update should make a lot of players quite happy! It remains to be seen whether or not future patches will actually end up smaller as a result, but for those looking for a little breathing room on their computer, this should be a nice benefit. Ideally, a console update will offer a similar size decrease in the future, but fans shouldn't get their hopes up until Epic Games announces something concrete.

Fortnite is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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