Fortnite's New Galactus Teaser Fuels Battle Bus Theories

Epic Games shared another teaser for Fortnite’s big end-of-season event this week with a brief video that added more fuel to theories about the role the Battle Bus will play. The teaser showed the inside the bus where players always are when they’re riding into battle, but in this video, the players and everything else of note inside the bus have been replaced by buzzing, arcing Gamma Cells. The Galactus event is still a few days away since it’s scheduled to go down on December 1st, so we’ll likely see more of these teasers released as we get closer to the event.

You can check out the latest teaser for the Fortnite event below if you haven’t already seen it. It might not look like much on its own, but when you look at it with the other teases involving the Battle Bus. Based on this latest teaser, some Fortnite players are expecting that we’re going to see the Battle Bus itself flown right at Galactus in an attempt to blow the world-devouring titan up.

That might sound like a crazy idea on its own, but it sounds a bit more logical when you consider what else we’ve seen happen with the Battle Bus both during the regular season and in the buildup to the event. Tony Stark’s been upgrading the Battle Bus throughout the season to give it new looks which was a nice touch for the Marvel theme but may have also been playing up a possible solution to Galactus during the final moments of the season.

Prior to the Gamma Cell teaser, we got the one right above that showed not just one Battle Bus but a fleet of busses in front of Galactus. Epic Games made sure to mention that “the Battle Bus is loaded and ready to go” which sounds like a very specific thing to tease if the Battle Bus isn’t involved in some meaningful way. In-game popups for the event that teased its arrival also said “You do know how to drive the Battle Bus … right?” which is one of the more convincing teases for these sorts of theories.

We of course can’t be for sure what’s happening during the event since nothing substantial has leaked to spoil what’s to come, but we’ll see the conclusion of the current season soon enough when the event takes place on December 1st.