Forza Horizon 4 Leak Hints at Major Halo Crossover

There’s a leaked Forza Horizon 4 image that’s now surfaced that hints at a crossover with [...]

There's a leaked Forza Horizon 4 image that's now surfaced that hints at a crossover with Xbox's iconic Halo franchise.

The leaked image comes from a Forza Horizon 4 showcase that previews a Forza version of Halo's Warthog, the most versatile vehicle that the series has to offer. It's not the first time that Forza players have seen the Warthog in the racing game – it was found in Forza Horizon 3, for example, as a vehicle unlockable via a special code – but it looks like it's returning to the series once again. The image was shared to Reddit with a much larger gallery being uploaded to Imgur where tons of other cars were previewed.

Forza Horizon 4 Halo Warthog
(Photo: Reddit)

Though the Warthog might've been an expected reveal given that both franchises are Microsoft exclusives, the image seems to hint that there's more to the Halo crossover than just a vehicle. In the background behind the Warthog, you can see what appears to be a Covenant battlecruiser coasting through the air in the top-right. Juxtaposing that to the top-left is what looks like a Halo rig, as others have pointed out. If this isn't just a fancy image to promote the Warthog, this could be hinting at something much grander with an entire Halo-themed racing course potentially on the table.

Neither Playground Games nor Microsoft have said anything about the sizeable leak of images, so it remains to be seen just how far the Halo crossover will go. Forza Horizon 4 has already been known for its leaks in the past though with a massive list of cars leaking back in June before the developers said that players who were pre-downloading the game on PC could "safely uninstall the downloaded files" if they chose to do so.

If you'd prefer not to take stock in the rumors about what might or might not be in Forza Horizon 4, you can instead turn your attention to what we 100 percent know will be in the next game in the series. Just this weekend, Microsoft shared a new Xbox trailer for the game that encompassed every major feature that'll be found in the game. From dynamic seasons to special events and many more features, there's a lot to go over, all of which can be seen here in this trailer.