Friday The 13th Cracking Down On Rude And Cheating Players

You thought Jason Voorhees was vicious in Friday the 13th? You haven’t seen what the developers [...]


You thought Jason Voorhees was vicious in Friday the 13th? You haven't seen what the developers behind the hit multiplayer game are capable of.

The game's publisher, Gun Media, alongside its developer, Illfonics, have confirmed that it has begun cracking down on unlikable behavior within the game. It has made it clear that anyone who uses cheats within the game, acts rudely or deliberately takes "away from the spirit of the game" will be banned permanently, no excuses.

Gun Media made these notions clear in a new post on the game page, breaking down the many offenses that it's already had to ban some players on, merely for the sake of keeping the game fair to everyone. It made note that those using third-party hacking software to have an advantage over others will be kicked out, along with those that choose to aid Jason in the hopes of building up XP, rather than, you know, running from him like you usually would.

The company has made note that there have already been a great deal of complaints regarding in-game behavior, including people threatening to harm someone else, or using derogatory terms or even getting to the point of sexual assault. As a result, it's noted that anyone using voice chat intentionally to harass others will be banned as well – even if they're playing fairly. And Gun Media also encouraged players to record their voice chat during such instances, which will make bans even more expedient when the situation calls for it.

That said, bans will be fair. Gun Media won't be too harsh if people are merely using bad language to mess around with Jason, or cracking jokes when it comes to the death of counselors. That's what the game is all about, after all. So you can still play for fun, just remember not to cross that certain line, where it's more about abusing real people instead of the ones in-game that are trying to escape Voorhees. Let's just keep the action where it counts – in the game. That fair enough, players?

Friday the 13th is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.