Rumor: FromSoftware's New Project Isn't Bloodborne 2, Will Be at E3

A new rumor suggests that Dark Souls and Bloodborne developer FromSoftware will be showing off its next project during E3, but it’s not Bloodborne 2.

If you watched The Game Awards last year, you’ll already know exactly what project this rumor is referring to. A grisly trailer filled with bone and metal and an ominous message at the end that said “Shadows Die Twice” was shown during the awards show, and all it took was 30 seconds of the teaser to get fans of the Souls-Borne games excited.

While there were some expectations that FromSoftware would show up at E3 during someone’s show to bring back the new project once again, the new rumor looks to confirm that while dispelling the idea that this project is FromSoftware’s next Bloodborne game. Sharing news on ResetEra (via Nibel on Twitter), a source with the fitting name of Omnipotent said that the project will be shown at E3, though the show during which it’ll appear hasn’t been revealed yet.

“From is doing a big showing for ‘Shadows Die Twice’ at E3,” the source said on ResetEra. “Can't say which show til E3 is a bit closer.”

The source continued to share more information about the project while fielding questions from those interested in what FromSoftware is bringing. No, it’s not Dark Souls 4 either, according to Omnipotent, but the source also said to go into it with an open mind. As far as the Souls-like term goes that’s used so often now, the source referred to that as a “blanket term” and gave just a bit more info about what the project is and isn’t.

“I can say it's not going to be Demon's Souls adjacent and thats about it in terms of gameplay,” Omnipotent continued. “You're probably not going to see another set of games that can be as tightly knit together as Demons>Dark>Blood. But it’s still going to be a Fromsoft game, so take that as you will.”


Nibel followed up with the initial tweet about the rumor by summing up some more info from the source regarding the project’s details. Unlike Bloodborne, people will be happy to hear that this Shadows Die Twice project reportedly isn’t an exclusive, though those who did enjoy the PlayStation exclusive will be sad to hear that Bloodborne 2 reportedly isn’t in development.

It’s still unclear during which show FromSoftware will reveal more on the game, but look for more info and teasers for the project as we move closer to E3.