FromSoftware's New Teaser Has Bloodborne Fans Excited

FromSoftware teased a new project during The Game Awards that’s got Bloodborne and Dark Souls veterans holding their breath for more information.

And more details are desperately needed considering how painfully stingy the brief trailer was with details. The preview of whatever FromSoftware is working on now was only 30 seconds long during The Game Awards, and it pretty much only gave one scene to look at for most of the duration. Blood, bone, and machinery mixed together in a scene that showed a rope tightening around some gnarly-looking device that could be a weapon or something entirely different, knowing FromSoftware. The teaser closed with the phrase “Shadows Die Twice” lingering on the screen before fading out.

While there’s a clear overlap between the pool of Bloodborne and Dark Souls players considering FromSoftware developed both games that share a similarly grueling combat system, this teaser might appeal to Bloodborne fans more. Bloodborne, the PlayStation exclusive that came out in 2015, featured quite a bit of machinery, especially when compared to the medieval swords, shields, and magic in the Dark Souls series. Considering the time that’s passed since the release of the game, it seems reasonable to think that a sequel could be nearing completion, especially when it was teased back in the summer that Bloodborne 2 was supposedly going to be at E3.

But while the sinister device in the teaser might scream Bloodborne, the three words shown at the end throw the idea for a loop. The “Twice” part of “Shadows Die Twice” seems to hint at a second game, and Bloodborne did incorporate shadows into the game with the memorable Shadows of Yharnam boss fight. However, if you look even further back from Bloodborne, longtime FromSoftware fans will remember the Shadow Tower games.

The “Shadows” reference could very well be pointing towards a revival of the series or it could be hinting at Bloodborne 2, but an even more exciting idea is that it’s neither and FromSoftware has something brand new to show us. We’ll hope that the developers don’t stay quiet about the project teaser for too long, and perhaps they’ll even show more during PlayStation Experience.