Funkoverse DC, Harry Potter, Rick and Morty, and Golden Girls Strategy Board Game Pre-Orders Are Live


The annual Gen Con tabletop gaming convention kicks off today in Indianapolis, and one of the biggest new releases at the show is Funko's new Funkoverse strategy board game lineup. The first wave includes 3-inch Pop figures of characters from DC Comics, Harry Potter, Rick and Morty, and The Golden Girls in packs of two and four. These sets are playable as standalone games, or they can be combined. Each character has their own unique abilities, and it will be your job to come up with a strategy to best utilize these abilities to emerge victorious in a head-to-head Pop battle across four game scenarios.

Note that the 3-inch Pops figures are exclusive to Funkoverse sets, which might be enough of an excuse for collectors to pick them up. If you're interested in the game itself, the Geek & Sundry video below will give you an overview of how it's played. Whether you're interested in the mini Pop figures, the strategy games, or the entire Funkoverse concept, today, August 1st, is the first day that you can get your pre-order in. Here's what you need to know...

UPDATE: It looks like the listings are about to go live at Walmart, which will include free fast shipping for all items on the release date (side note - The Office Prison Mike Funko Pop is arriving tonight!). UPDATE 2: Pre-orders are live at Entertainment Earth and are starting to trickle in at Amazon. ORIGINAL: At the time of writing, pre-orders are live at Barnes & Noble, and placeholders are starting to pop up at Walmart. We expect that pre-orders will go live on Amazon and Entertainment Earth as early as today as well. We will update this post as new pre-order links become available, so make sure to check back in. All of the games will ship starting on October 1st. An official description of the DC Funkoverse 4-pack is available below.

"Face off in the Ultimate Pop! Battle! In the Funkoverse Strategy Game - DC 100, you'll combine your favorite characters and go head-to-head in four exciting game scenarios. Move through memorable locations -Gotham City Streets or The Joker's Carnival Chaos -and use your characters' unique abilities to capture points and achieve victory."

  • Light strategy game
  • Includes 2 playable maps: Gotham City Streets and The Joker's Carnival Chaos
  • Play as a stand-alone game or mix with other DC Funkoverse games!
    Exclusive Funkoverse Pop! Game Figures
  • 2-4 players
  • 20-60 minutes

Game Contents:

  • 4 Characters (The Joker, Harley Quinn, Batgirl and Batman)
  • 4 Character Bases
  • 4 Character Cards
  • 2 Basic Characters
  • 2 Basic Character Cards
  • 2 Double-Sided Scenario Cards
  • 1 Batarang
  • 1 Mallet
  • 2 Item Cards
  • 2 Status Cards
  • 2 Cooldown Tracks
  • 1 Double-Sided Map
  • 12 Game Tokens
  • 15 Game Markers
  • 6 Dice
  • 21 Points
  • 1 First Player Marker
  • Instructions

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