Nintendo Releases New Trailer for Furi on Switch

When Furi first released last summer for the Playstation 4, PC and Xbox One, players ate it up. [...]

KeyArt Furi
(Photo: The Game Bakers)

When Furi first released last summer for the Playstation 4, PC and Xbox One, players ate it up. The fast-paced action shooter-slicer madness was only topped by an incredible soundtrack that features the likes of Lorn, The Toxic Avenger and Carpenter Brut. Now, the game is set for an early 2018 release on the Nintendo Switch, according to its developers. French game studio The Game Bakers announced Furi's bridge to the Nintendo Switch earlier today, and with it, debuted a new trailer under Nintendo.

While the game hasn't really changed between platforms, the idea of playing it in a hand-held format on the Switch is almost perfect: Furi's playstyle is perfect for that retro gaming feel while experiencing the feats of modern video game design on the go. Brightly animated with character design by Takashi Okazaki, the visionary behind the Afro Samurai franchise, Furi shows that there doesn't need to be much fluff between boss battles (or any at all) for a title to be engaging enough to capture players' hearts.

In their blog post, the developers said that fan demand for the game's port to Switch came in daily. "Apart from the pleasure of having a whole bunch of new players discovering the game, we are also particularly happy as there was not one day when we didn't receive a mail or a tweet from a fan asking for Furi on Switch," the post detailed. "We heard them in particular talking about the pain of having to interrupt a fight because life was calling." With the Switch, players can simply take the game with them and play it on the go.

"At The Game Bakers, we love the Switch and we play on it a lot, but we are particularly proud to bring a game like Furi on it," the developers wrote. The post also reveals the game's going price on the Switch ($20) and says that an exact release date was incoming.