Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall Creators Say the Show's Ending Was Good for the Game

Game of Thrones had a pretty controversial ending to say the absolute least about the HBO show’s conclusion, but the creators of Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall say the show’s ending was actually a positive thing for the game. Behaviour Interactive’s Dan Guertin, the creative director on the mobile game that’s now available, said the team viewed the show’s ending as a good thing for the mobile game seeing how the reactions proved that people were passionate about the show. Whether you loved or hated the ending, it showed people cared about Game of Thrones and would hopefully still care enough to pursue a new Game of Thrones experience in the mobile game. spoke to Guertin ahead of Beyond the Wall’s release and asked about the game’s connections to the TV show that captivated so many viewers over the years. The game is built on the world established by the show and expands on it while letting players encounter many of their favorite characters, but it also offers its own unique Game of Thrones story. With how connected the game is to the TV series, we asked if there were any concerns about the show’s divisive ending impacting the buzz around or success of the game.

“Actually, to us, it was something good, to be honest,” Guertin said. “Because the worst thing that can happen when you create something is people not caring, right? So, ignorance is the artist’s bane, basically.”

Guertin said if the show had ended and nobody had any reaction to the conclusion at all, it’d mean they no longer cared about he license. Whether people were in favor of the ending or petitioned for the final season to be remade, Guertin said it was clear people didn’t want the show to end.


“They still wanted to see Game of Thrones,” Guertin said. “A lot of people were excited about Game of Thrones. Even though it's ended almost a year now and still, people are hoping for more Game of Thrones. So, that's why we felt that that was actually a good thing for us.”

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall is now available on iOS devices with an Android release planned for April 3rd.

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