GameStop Cancels TikTok Contest After Backlash

It appears that GameStop has cancelled a controversial contest in which store employees would produce a TikTok dance video in a contest to win 10 extra labor hours for the week of Black Friday. While the contest featured additional prizes, including an Echo 8, Echo Auto, and a $100 VISA gift card, the 10 extra labor hours caught the attention of the internet, setting off significant backlash from gamers, as well as some store employees. Many felt that the company was forcing employees to compete to work extra hours. However, the contest has been quietly removed from the company's website, possibly as a result of the backlash.

As of this writing, GameStop has not made any kind of official announcement regarding the contest. GameStop store locations have a set number of hours that they can schedule employees each week, and the idea was that the extra 10 hours could give them a bit more breathing room during one of the most difficult periods in the holiday season. This would benefit store managers, but the incentive for employees to participate in this type of contest would be pretty small; there would be no guarantee that they would have access to those hours, and some would end up having to work more, as a result.

GameStop has never had the best public perception, and the last year certainly hasn't helped. At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the chain came under fire for labelling itself an essential business, claiming that items sold in store locations were important to those working from home. Of course, the retailer has also faced numerous financial struggles, as well.

Last holiday season was a dismal one for GameStop, but it seems that this year should turn things around, a bit. Next week will see the release of the long-awaited PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The company recently announced a partnership with Microsoft, in which the latter will provide new equipment for retail locations and the two companies will split Xbox All Access profits. These factors should help with the company's financial struggles, but it seems that GameStop will need to put in a greater effort to help its public perception issues. It's clear that this contest certainly didn't help!

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