Popeyes Supporting GameStop Traders With Free Chicken Tendies

There's something of a revolution going on in the financial sector right now, as the Gamestop stock controversy continues to unfold. The long-short of the situation is that groups of investors organized through sites like Reddit have been turning some of Wall Streets' more questionable techniques (shorting stocks) on its head. These groups have created an unprecedented increase in Gamestop stock price through buying and selling the stock, even though Gamestop - as a business - continues to see serious profit losses. The matter has sparked a serious debate about who gets to play with the financial markets and how - and it seems that Popeyes Louisana Kitchen is taking a side in the debate!

That's right: Popeyes, the chicken restaurant chain, is coming out in support of the Gamestop traders. Popeyes is offering free Chicken Tendies to consumers who use any of the stock listing codes for the contentious stocks in question (including both Gamestop and AMC Theaters) into promo codes for checkout through the Popeyes app.

It's unclear who in the current stock trade debate actually benefits from this promotional campaign - other than Popeyes. But hey, this all arguably about the freedom to exploit the free market of capitalism, so maybe Popeyes really is taking a symbolic stand by making cash off the conflict.


Here's the full statement about Popeyes' free Chicken Tendies promotion, in support of the Gamestop traders:

Tendies is the word retail traders on websites like Reddit use to describe money or financial gain – and in our world it's also short for chicken tenders. After the events of this past week, Popeyes®, the beloved fried chicken brand, wants to support retail traders and believes they ALL deserve tendies.

Starting today for a limited time only, Popeyes will offer FREE* 3pc chicken tenders, with a $5 min. purchase, to all through the Popeyes app or online by turning the stock listing for all of the affected stocks, such as $GME, $AMC, $BB, and $NOK into promo codes to redeem the offer.

Popeyes is taking the side of the people and hopes that by supporting the online community, it will inspire others to take a stand.