Gears 5 Added Batista Because of His Gears of War Film Campaign

Gears 5 will be arriving in a few days for those with a Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, with everyone else having to wait until the 10th to get their hands on it. For those who can't wait to see what the upcoming title has to offer, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is currently running through the campaign on his Mixer channel. That said, the big news to arrive recently is the fact that Batista (Dave Bautista) is going to be a playable character in the title after it releases, and it is thanks to his campaign to be in the Gears movie.

Following the reveal that Batista is coming to Gears 5, a post went up on Xbox Wire to provide a few more details on how this came to be a thing. As many of you know, the actor has been trying everything to star in the Gears movie, but to no success. He will, however be featured in the upcoming installment in the Gears of War game series as "The Animal," and it's because of his determination to be part of the film.

"Adding Batista to Gears 5, we started with the fantasy of 'Batista as Marcus,' putting Batista into Marcus' armor, and starting with Marcus' script," the post reads. "Then we added elements of "The Animal" Batista into his voice performance and onto his look by adding his signature Hollywood shades to his character. Batista was great in the booth and I can't wait for Gears and Batista fans alike to stomp some Swarm as The Animal."

Gears 5 is set to officially launch on September 10th for PC and Xbox One. For even more on the upcoming title from The Coalition, check out some of our previous coverage as well as the description below:

"From one of gaming's most acclaimed sagas, Gears is bigger than ever, with five thrilling modes and the deepest campaign yet. With all-out war descending, Kait Diaz breaks away to uncover her connection to the enemy and discovers the true danger to Sera – herself."


What do you think about all of this? Excited to play as The Animal in the upcoming Gears 5? Sound off in the comment section below, or feel free to hit me up over on Twitter @anarkE7!