Gears of War Creator Wants Dave Bautista to Star in the Netflix Movie

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has made it known that he'd like to see popular actor Dave Bautista appear in the upcoming Netflix film based on the video game series. Earlier today, Netflix confirmed that it was in the process of creating a live-action movie and an animated series that are tied to the beloved Xbox franchise. And while no actors, directors, or writers are yet attached to either project, the creator of the shooter series is putting his support behind a select few. 

Following today's announcement from Netflix, Bleszinski took to Twitter to inform Gears of War fans about his own thoughts on this move. In short, Bleszinski confirmed that he's not involved with either the movie or animated series, but gave each project his blessing. Furthermore, he made it clear that he would be open to consulting on both projects if Netflix contacted him, but expressed "no hard feelings" either way. 

When it comes to the cast of the Gears of War movie, though, Bleszinski said that he wants Bautista to play the franchise's main character, Marcus Fenix. For a period of multiple years, Bautista himself has been loudly voicing that he believes it's his "destiny" to appear in a Gears of War film. And while this is an idea that fans have very much been on board with, clearly, Bleszinski wants to see it now happen in an official capacity as well. 

Speaking to the rest of the cast, Bleszinski went on to say that he wants a Latino actor to portray Dominic Santiago, who is Fenix's cohort throughout the first three games in the Gears of War series. Bleszinski also expressed that he thinks Ryan Reynolds would be a good casting choice for Baird, and went on to say that he doesn't want Chris Pratt involved with the movie whatsoever. Obviously, it remains to be seen if Netflix looks to even adapt the same story seen in the Gears of War games for the big screen, but most fans seemed to agree with Bleszinski's choices for the cast. 

Who would you like to see appear in the upcoming Gears of War movie? And do you think that Bleszinski's hypothetical cast is a good one? Let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.