Genshin Impact Update 2.1 Trailer Confirms Release Date and New Info

Genshin Impact developers miHoYo shared new details on the status of the game’s next update this [...]

Genshin Impact developers miHoYo shared new details on the status of the game's next update this week to confirm its release date and some new details about much of what it contains. The Version 2.1 update called "Floating World Under the Moonlight" is scheduled to release now on September 1st and will bring with it the new Horizon Zero Dawn crossover featuring Aloy as well as wrapped up storylines and three additional playable characters.

The trailer below was released by miHoYo this week following its Special Program about the new update. Like most of the update-focused trailers we've gotten in the past, it gives a broad overview of the contents of the next patch including first looks at new bosses and characters we'll see in Version 2.1.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, miHoYo's studio technical director Zhenzhong Yi shared additional details about the Aloy crossover. As players might've expected, the new character that'll be available for those on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will be a Cryo-powered character.

"When Aloy traveled to Teyvat, she acquired a Cryo Vision, and became able to use her new powers to enhance her masterful bow and arrow attacks," Yi said. "Her Elemental Burst 'Prophecies of Dawn' sees her throw a Power Cell filled with Cryo in the targeted direction, which she then detonates with an arrow, dealing AoE Cryo damage. Not only does her Elemental Skill "Frozen Wilds" and Talents buff herself and her teammates, they also debuff her opponents while dealing Cryo damage."

Aside from Aloy, several other new characters will be joining Genshin Impact's roster. The Raiden Shogun is a Electro polearm user, Sangonomiya Kokomi is a Hydro catalyst user, and Kujou Sara is an Electro bow user.

For the first time, players will also be able to fish in Genshin Impact. This new feature will allow people to fish within their own realms and across Teyvat in exchange for certain incentives.

"After the Serenitea Pot, we're introducing another gameplay system, fishing!" Yi said. "Fishes of assorted types vary widely across the continent of Teyvat, and they can be used to produce fish meat, be exchanged for rewards, or redeemed for new fishing rods from the Fishing Association. Special Ornamental Fish can also be caught and raised in the Pool of Sapphire Grace, a brand-new furnishing that can be crafted in your personal realm inside your Serenitea Pot."

Genshin Impact's new update releases on September 1st.