Geoff Keighley Claims Summer Game Fest Will Have 3 or 4 "Pretty Big" Announcements

The start of a summer filled with game showcases and announcements is fast approaching, with the PlayStation Showcase set to kick things off later this week. One of the bigger events of the season will be the Summer Game Fest, which is hosted by Geoff Keighley. This now yearly event is something of a sister event to Keighley's The Game Awards and usually features announcements both big and small. Today, Keighley has revealed that three or four of the announcements currently on the show will be head-turners for the gaming audience.

In an interview on Epic's site, Keighley sat down and talked a bit about the show, mainly about what goes into putting one together, especially now that it will be filmed in front of a live audience for the first time. During the discussion, he talks about how having "one or two games kind of makes the entire difference" in how the show is perceived. For example, the 2020 show is most often remembered for having Elden Ring, while last year's focused on several updates surrounding The Last of Us

While it doesn't sound like this year's event is completely locked in, Keighley does say that that are three or four announcements that should be "pretty big for this audience." Guessing what these are would likely be a fool's game. After all, there is no way to know what new games will be announced here. That said, we can expect that these announcements will be somewhere near the levels of Elden Ring or Death Stranding 2. Past that, it's probably better to just wait and see.

Regardless, it should be a show to remember. Summer Games Fest will air on June 8, and it won't be the only massive show happening this summer. As mentioned above, PlayStation is holding its event later this week and Microsoft is following SGF on June 11 with its own show. Past that, there's a Ubisoft Forward on the books for June 12 and several smaller shows before we get to GamesCom in late August. It's definitely shaping up to be a great summer for players hoping to see what's coming down the pike.