Here's Your Last Chance To Get 'Overwatch' On PC For $12

A few weeks ago, we posted a story talking about how you could get Overwatch for PC for just $12 by signing up for the Humble Monthly program. Well, since it's the final day to snag it, we thought we'd post a friendly reminder.


Today is the final day in which you can sign up for Humble Monthly and score yourself the standard edition of Overwatch for the low price of $12, along with a few other games for good measure.

Humble Monthly is a program that offers a handful of great PC games for one low price, working like a monthly membership. Usually, you find some pretty good deals here, along with some obscure titles that you probably wouldn't have discovered otherwise.

For this month's bundle, you can get your hands on Overwatch, along with Dungeons III, a thrilling adventure title; and the indie favorite Hidden Folks, with its unique art style. And once the bundle becomes available tomorrow, you'll be able to get four more games out of it, which could range from AAA releases to indie titles. Usually there's a mix provided with each month's package.

Still, Overwatch is hard to turn down for $12. It's become a multiplayer sensation over the past few years, inspiring the creation of Overwatch League and becoming the home for new maps and Heroes. On top of that, Blizzard already has plans for a big Overwatch showcase at BlizzCon next month, in which we could see what's coming up next for the game. If that's not enticing enough, there's also a special Halloween event kicking off next week, with new skins and other treats.

Humble Monthly is also offering a promotion where, if you stay a subscriber of the service, you'll also score free Loot Boxes for the game, with a number of goodies to unlock. These will be available starting on October 10 once your membership is verified.

So if that strikes your fancy -- or you're just looking to build your PC gaming budget on the cheap -- then Humble Monthly is definitely for you. And yes, you can quit anytime, but with games this good, we're not sure why you would.


You can sign up for Humble Monthly here.

Overwatch is also available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.