Gex Remaster Trilogy Release Window Revealed in New Trailer

The Gex Remaster Trilogy is finally launching later this year.

Last summer, the team at Limited Run Games announced that it was working on a remaster for the trilogy of Gex games from the 1990s. Since then, fans haven't heard much about when we can expect to see the remaster launch, but that changed today when Limited Run hosted its annual LRG event. During this, the developers announced several projects, including the release date for Star Wars: Dark Forces Remastered and the physical release for Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch. However, Gex fans were very excited toward the end of the event when Limited Run announced that the Gex Trilogy Remaster is coming later this year.

Unfortunately, Limited Run still hasn't given fans a firm release date for Gex Trilogy. The new trailer says "Preorders open fall 2024" and the accompanying tweet says "Gex is airing later this year!" Sadly, fans will have to wait for more information over the next few months and hope that the project doesn't get pushed to 2025. As we saw at today's event, Limited Run Games has a ton of projects in the works right now, so it makes sense that they'll want to spread things out. Either way, it's good to see some official signs of life from the project after a year of waiting. 

The Gex Trilogy Remaster includes the original game that launched on the 3DO and its two sequels. The second game, Gex: Enter the Gecko is the highest-rated game critically, scoring an 81 when it launched on PlayStation 1. Of course, the NB4 and GBA versions of the same game didn't perform nearly as well, but Limited Run will probably use the best version possible when building this remake. Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko was the worst-performing game with critics, though its N64 version was actually better than Enter the Gecko's entry on the same platform. There was also a fourth Gex game in development for PlayStation 2 and GameCube, but development was eventually cancelled, though some of the game's design did live on in the PS2 game Whiplash.

It'll be fun to see if this remake performs well. If the fanbase shows up in a major way, it's not completely out of the question that Gex might make a comeback. After all, we've seen franchises like Crash Bandicoot make a comeback after several years without a release. Gex Trilogy Remaster could be the beginning of a new era for the gecko, though it's important to note that seems relatively unlikely at this point.