Ghost of Tsushima Players Are In Love With New Feature

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut on PS4 and PS5 is set to bring PlayStation fans to Iki Island, a new brand new setting. Bolstering this will be new content, including new missions and new features. Today, the official Twitter account for the game showed off an example of the latter. The new feature is small and largely inconsequential, but fans are gushing about it over on Twitter.

On Iki Island, Jin, the game's protagonist, can locate animal sanctuaries and tame various animals. And once these animals are tamed, Jim can return and pet them as often as he'd like. Again, not a game-changing feature, but one players are in love with in the replies to the tweet revealing the feature.

"Jin can find animal sanctuaries across Iki Island where he can play soothing melodies with his flute to tame various animals," reads the tweet. "Once they've been calmed, Jin can return to pet them as often as you'd like. Cats are just one example."


Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut is set to release on August 20 via both the PS4 and PS5. For more coverage on Jin's new adventure and all things PlayStation -- including all of the latest PS4 and PS5 news, rumors, leaks, and deals -- click here or check out the relevant and recent links right below: