PlayStation Reveals Ghost of Tsushima Minimum File Size

Over the last few days, Sony has started to pull back the curtain on Ghost of Tsushima, its upcoming action-adventure game. Those that plan to download the game when it releases on July 17th will want to know how much space they'll need on their PlayStation 4. To start, players will need 50 GB of data, but it should be noted that this is the minimum, and not the full file size. As such, players will want to make sure they have a bit more space than that ready when the game releases, just to make life a little bit easier!

Ghost of Tsushima's July release date is still two months away, but it seems likely that a lot of players are opting for digital versions over physical games at the moment, thanks to social distancing guidelines. Thankfully, Ghost of Tsushima has a fairly small download size compared to other PlayStation 4 games. The Last of Us Part II should take about double the amount of space required for Ghost of Tsushima, so the news should come as a bit of a relief for those looking to download both over the coming weeks!

For the uninitiated, Ghost of Tsushima is the latest title from Sucker Punch Productions, the developer behind Sony's infamous and Sly Cooper franchises. The game is set during the first Mongol invasion of Japan, in the year 1274. The island of Tsushima is all that stands between the invaders and the Japanese mainland. As Jin Sakai, one of the last remaining samurai, players must learn the way of the ghost, in order to save his country. Ghost of Tsushima features a historical setting, but players should find that the game takes quite a few creative liberties with its world. Jin, for example, is not based on a real-life samurai, but is a character created by Sucker Punch for the game.

Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world, third-person game. The upcoming PS4 exclusive will feature stealth-based gameplay, though it seems that players should have some freedom in the way that they choose to take-out their opponents. Those interested in finding out more about the title's gameplay should check out ComicBook's coverage of PlayStation's recent State of Play presentation for Ghost of Tsushima, which can be found here.

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