Ghost of Tsushima Creators Show Off the Game's Vibrant Environment

Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima has some colorful, stylish settings to behold, and on Thursday, the developers shared a new look at some of the areas players will travel through when the game releases. Those settings range from green forests to frozen mountain ranges, Sucker Punch said, and inspirations for those different parts of the game's map came from everything from the actual island of Tsushima to travel posters. Concept art for different parts of the map and gifs showing off different features like how the environment moves and changes shared better insights into the world of Ghost of Tsushima.

Reiterating what's been mentioned before about the size of Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punch's environment art lead Joanna Wang said Ghost of Tsushima is "by far the biggest game" the studio has ever made. The map's divided into three main regions, the creators said, with "more than forty diverse Biomes and hundreds of points of interest" contained within those regions.

Ghost of Tsushima
(Photo: Sony)

Wang added that the world of Sucker Punch's game was built around the pillars of "natural beauty and manmade order," but it wasn't until later in the game's development when the grasslands areas were worked on that the "nature" aspect became more prominent.

"Nature plays an important role in the world of Tsushima," Wang said. "It creates a rich, vibrant color palette that drives the art style and identity of our game. When we first started, nature was just part of the general background, and it wasn't until we started working on the grasslands, and saw it as a singular element, that we realized how powerful it could be. I remember the moment we were looking at the screen, a sea of white fluffy pampas flowers dancing in the wind, rolling wave patterns flowing round after round, and white particles flying in the air. It was stunning."

Previous previews for Ghost of Tsushima revealed the "Guiding Wind" mechanic that allows players to find their way throughout the world. The wind you summon will bend the environment around you as it blows to show players where to go, and it also helps set the stage and build tension for the game's more dramatic, cinematic moments like samurai showdowns.


A bunch of gifs from Ghost of Tsushima and its development were also shared to show off more of the world and can be seen in the PlayStation Blog post linked above.

Ghost of Tsushima is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4 on July 17th.