Glitch Techs Season 2 Is Coming to Netflix Next Month

The animated series Glitch Techs returns for a new season of episodes next month on Netflix, it has been revealed. While Netflix has not yet officially announced the full August slate of titles, several announcements are being made and the full set is expected to be revealed soon. The Netflix mobile app has a little label on the show that reads "Season 2 Coming August 17," and it is expected that the official announcement will confirm this in short order.

Glitch Techs was created by Dan Milano and Eric Robles for Nickelodeon, and it premiered on Netflix earlier this year. The show features the voices of Ricardo Hurtado as High Five and Monica Ray as Miko, among others. It follows a group of teens as they take on video game monsters that have "glitched" and crossed over into the real world. Additionally, there are more than a few Easter eggs peppered throughout, and it's honestly a lovely, breezy watch. More episodes are most welcome.

As you might expect, the folks behind the show are thrilled to know that the further episodes are releasing next month:

Notably, while Netflix refers to this as "Season 2," it is actually the second half of the 20 episodes originally produced for Nickelodeon. According to Milano, there remains another 10 unproduced scripts and storyboards beyond this, but there is no telling when or if they will be produced at this point.


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