God Eater 3 Announced With Teaser Trailer

The latest game in the God Eater series that follows 2015’s God Eater Resurrection, a title that [...]

The latest game in the God Eater series that follows 2015's God Eater Resurrection, a title that was released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC. The new trailer shows off some of the RPG action the series is known for and also expands a bit on what kind of story and action God Eater fans can expect.

In addition to the trailer, a brief description accompanied the upload that provided more details for the game. Gameplay specifics are still scarce, but the description should serve as a refresher for those less familiar with the God Eater games:

"Earth no longer resembles the home we know of now. The Aragami, terrifying beasts that live only to consume, are carving a path of destruction and misery wherever they are encountered. To combat this threat an elite group of heroes known as God Eaters are called upon to save humanity. God Eaters are individuals who have been bestowed upon them the ability to wield powerful new God Arcs, special weapons powered by Oracle Cells and the only known weapons capable of destroying the monstrous Aragami. However, another mission is coming into focus; something is happening to the God Eaters and the line between light and dark has never been so thin. It's time to start breaking free from the cursed shackles that bind the souls of the God Eaters as the battle rages on around them."

From the trailer shown above, even if you haven't been invested in the God Eater franchise so far, the preview is plenty enough to get newcomers and veterans hyped for the new game. Several larger-than-life enemies, each of them different from the last, look to provide some intense challenges and fights.

Those who are familiar with the games were also quick to point out that the new character appeared to be dual-wielding his powerful God Arcs, a mechanic that hopefully points to other interesting combat developments.

God Eater 3 does not yet have a confirmed release date or release platforms.