God of War’s Director Cried When He First Saw the Reviews

UPDATE: We've managed to find a video on Cory Barlog's channel that shows his real-time reaction [...]

UPDATE: We've managed to find a video on Cory Barlog's channel that shows his real-time reaction to the reviews. It's...amazing. Watch it above.

ORIGINAL STORY: In just a matter of hours, we'll be able to get our hands on the latest adventure of Kratos, God of War. Based on what we've heard (as well as this detailed review we posted a few days ago), it's a real game changer on the PlayStation 4 front. And if you want an idea of just what kind of emotion was put into the game, feel free to ask its director, Cory Barlog.

The game is currently sitting at a 95 on Metacritic, becoming one of the most highest-rated titles out there. And when Barlog saw the reviews for the first time, he could not contain himself.

Granted, he did spend a great deal of time on the title, even putting together a one-shot system that had been unheard of in video games. But it appears the effort has paid off, based on the first time that he saw reviews.

While speaking with The New Zealand Herald, Barlog explained that he couldn't speak when he began reading the reviews. "I could not talk for six minutes," he said. "I was crying."

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that level of devotion. God of War took some big risks getting made, but they appear to be paying off, not only giving PlayStation 4 owners another awesome title for their library, but redefining a popular game hero that we thought we knew so well. That's probably why we're so excited to play through this adventure (well, the ones that didn't review it anyway) and see what it has to offer.

Our own Matthew Hayes didn't hold back on conveying his excitement for the game in his review. "I can't wait for all of you to take this journey. It may sound grossly hyperbolic, but I feel perfectly confident in saying that God of War, and the story it tells, belongs alongside many of the greatest works of modern fiction across any medium. It is truly one of the great fantasy adventures of our lifetime, and one that I foresee us all returning to for years to come."

Kudos to Barlog and his team. They've arrived on a new peak of gaming, and later tonight people will see just what kind of effort they put into it. Hold our calls over the weekend, will you? We're going to be a bit.

God of War will release later tonight for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.