‘God of War’ Director Reportedly Working On Something Much Bigger

Ever since its release earlier this year, God of War has been heralded as one of the best action games out there, period. And you can thank director Cory Barlog and his team, who have put in tireless effort to make it shine the way it did. But apparently, that's just the beginning for what the team has in mind.

God of War

Director Duncan Jones, who worked on such movies as The Source Code and the big-screen adaptation of Warcraft, recently had a chance to meet up with Barlog, and the two had a lot to talk about, as you can see from their Twitter responses.

While the duo could use more, ahem, "selfie work," there's no question he knows a thing or two about game directing. And something bigger is apparently on the way.

The interesting part of that quote is "if you think that God of War is his magnum opus, just you wait!", which indicates that the team is already planning its next project. Now the real question is...what is it? Are we getting a sequel to God of War for the PlayStation 5? Are we getting a reboot of Twisted Metal? Or perhaps something entirely original.

Neither Jones nor Barlog are saying, and probably won't for some time, as whatever this project may be is still early in the works. But knowing how well God of War turned out, it's likely to shine just as brightly -- if not brighter.


For now, though, you can enjoy what Barlog's masterpiece has to offer, as God of War is available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. In fact, you can get the game for as low as $17 with this weekend's Black Friday sales. And for that price, well, you'll get a meaty adventure for your buck. And well worth it, might we add.