God of War Gets Free Mobile Game, Mimir’s Vision

Our excitement for Sony’s God of War just hit a fever pitch. As if our outstanding review of the [...]

God of War

Our excitement for Sony's God of War just hit a fever pitch. As if our outstanding review of the game wasn't enough to get us excited, pre-loading is officially underway, which means we'll be playing this bad boy the minute it drops Thursday night.

But if you're looking for another reason to get excited -- or just need to know more about the world that Kratos and his son Atreus will be traveling through -- Sony has some good news.

The company has just released a new mobile game called God of War: Mimir's Vision, and it's a free title that you can download now on both the iOS Store, as well as Google Play.

While the game doesn't feature the same level of hack-and-slash action like the PlayStation 4 game is promising, it does come with an interesting augmented reality approach. In it, you can take a look at the map featured within the game, and get some important backstory on key locations and characters. So it's supplementary more than anything, but it really fills you in on any details you might have been missing.

God of war 2

You'll learn more about Migard in general, as well as other little secrets that could help you as you rampage through the game later this week. Here's the official game description straight from the product page:

"Bring God of War's world into yours with the Mimir's Vision app an AR experience that reveals the legends of Midgard.

Tap, zoom, and lock the map, then touch the points of interest to learn the lore behind this realm of many mysteries. Mimir, a man who's seen it all, will guide you from The River Pass to The Mountain Peak, giving you a first look at this strange and foreboding world."

Again, it's free, so it certainly doesn't hurt to give it a try. It also won't hog your download space, as it only takes up about 400MB of space and should download fairly quickly -- unlike the game, which is around a 50GB monster. (In fact, pre-loading is highly advised so it's all set to go once tomorrow night rolls around.)

God of War releases on April 20 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. If you buy it digitally, however, you'll be able to play it as soon as midnight EDT and 9 PM PDT.

(Hat tip to Press Start for the details!)