God Of War's PlayStation Experience Event Turns People Into Kratos - If They Choose

God 2

When it came to this year's AAA titles for PlayStation Experience, Sony didn't have too much to offer. The "big guns" of 2018 weren't actually playable, with the publisher instead opting for interactive experiences for players to partake in, like one for Spider-Man that features a number of photo opportunities.

This may be disappointing to those that were going to the show, hoping to give the likes of Days Gone a test drive. But the experiences Sony presented during the weekend are second to none – and God of War is no exception.

This experience, which sits in a corner of the event, is pretty awesome. It has a pair of photo opportunities available, including one where you can get a picture of a large statue featuring Kratos and his son in battle poses, as seen below. There's also one where you can get a picture in a small boat as it sits on the water, also pictured below.

God 2

In addition to all of that, there are a number of items on display, including the legendary axe that Kratos uses over the course of the game (in which you can buy a foam version, available on the PlayStation Store), along with other goods that are either available, or on the way for release.

God 2

There is a line-up in the back, in which you can go into a small theater and witness the latest God of War gameplay. There are no new surprises, as it's mostly footage that we've already seen from the game. Still, on a bigger screen, it does look pretty good.

But perhaps the thing that fans will probably want to take most note of is the ability to essentially become Kratos. There's a make-up booth where you can get free facial makeovers that make you look like the hardened warrior. And the team is making an even more interesting offer to those willing to shave their heads and get them painted – an opportunity to win a chance to fly out to Sony Santa Monica and see the game in action. (Mothers, make sure you keep an eye on your kids, yeah?)

So, while it is disappointing that the game isn't really available to play, God of War's experience is pretty sweet. If you're going to the show today, be sure to check it out.


God of War will release in 2018 for PlayStation 4.