God of War Potentially Made Over Half a Billion Dollars for PlayStation

God of War has been one of PlayStation’s biggest successes in recent years, but the revenue that [...]

God of War has been one of PlayStation's biggest successes in recent years, but the revenue that the game generated for Sony might be even higher than initially expected. Based on some new information that has come about, the beloved action game has seemingly made well over $500 million to date, which is staggering, to say the least.

This information comes by way of Twitter user @bogorad222 who uncovered the details. Spotted in a LinkedIn profile for a previous PlayStation marketing employee named TJ Consunji, it was mentioned under the worker's accomplishments section that God of War brought in over half a billion dollars for PlayStation. Consunji has since deleted this section from his profile, but a previous screencap before the alteration was made still shows this original info.

Obviously, you should take this information with a grain of salt considering that it isn't coming directly from the mouth of Sony. That said, what is being mentioned here doesn't seem too far fetched. Considering God of War sold well over 10 million units around the globe, for it to have brought in this amount of money for Sony sounds like it could be accurate.

Moving forward, you would have to imagine that Sony is hoping that the untitled God of War sequel for PlayStation 5, which might be subtitled Ragnarok, will do just as well as its predecessor. For now, there isn't much that we know about this next God of War game, unfortunately. All we understand as it stands is that the game is planned to release in 2021. Whether it will be coming to PlayStation 4 in addition to its release on PlayStation 5 remains to be seen.

Until we learn more about God of War: Ragnarok, you can continue following along with all of our coverage on the franchise right here.

So how do you feel about these sales figures? And do you think that the next God of War can be an even bigger success for PlayStation? Let me know down in the comments or fire me a tweet over at @MooreMan12 to talk more.

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