God of War Director Would Like to Work on His Own IP Next

god_of_war_kratos_close_up (1)

God of War is almost upon us. On April 20th, the PS4 exclusive is poised to release and provide what will likely be one of the biggest and most prominent releases of the year.

The game currently boasts an extremely impressive score 95 on Metacritic. Sitting at such a score, the pending release from Santa Monica Studio is notably the highest-rated new PS4 release, ever.

In the build-up to the game's launch, director Cory Barlog has been on a promotional tear, speaking to a variety of outlets about all things God of War.

During this tour was a pit stop with YouTube channel, Skill Up. During the interview with the media site, Barlog not only talked about God of War, but also his own personal ambitions, which include working on a new IP next.

Speaking about the future, the director had the following to say:

"I really would love to create something of my own next, something that really is truly 100% coming from my original vision."

Barlog went on to note that this decision is currently, kind of, out of his hands, and that he would have to convince Sony Interactive Entertainment on whatever he would theoretically pitch. However, given the rousing critical -- and presumably imminent commercial -- success God of War has garnered, it wouldn't be very surprising if Barlog got to do whatever he wanted next. Except maybe if he wanted to create a kart racer.

It's unclear if by next, Barlog means literally next, as in after God of War ships, or after his time with God of War, which will likely get a follow-up (if a trilogy isn't already planned). Given the success the soft reboot of the series looks to be, the latter is likely the case.

Whether its more God of War for forever or a new IP, personally I don't mind. I could take both. Barlog appears to be increasingly cementing himself amongst the creative elites in this industry, so it's safe to assume we will be seeing much of him in the years to come, and eventually probably his own new IP.

God of War is slated to launch on April 20th, exclusively for the PS4. If you haven't already, be sure to peep our official review of the game.