God of War Ragnarok Goes Gold Ahead of PS4, PS5 Release

God of War Ragnarok suffered just one delay back in mid-2021, but now, the game has officially gone gold ahead of its release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 systems. That means that it's now on the fast track to launch on November 9th and should experience no more delays between now and then. PlayStation's Santa Monica Studio and individuals who worked on the game celebrated the announcement this week by thanking all those who contributed as well as the fans who supported the project.

As we typically see whenever a game reaches this big pre-release milestone, the Santa Monica Studio Twitter account tweeted about God of War Ragnarok going gold this week with a golden graphic and a compilation of all of the different studios that worked on the game in various capacities. Others like Cory Barlog – the producer of Ragnarok, but not the game director – commented on the milestone as well.

The announcement comes just over one month before Ragnarok is set to release, so those who've been waiting for the next chapter in the Norse saga ever since 2018's God of War don't have much longer to wait now. It'll naturally come to the PlayStation 5, but back when the delay was announced, PlayStation also confirmed that the game wouldn't leave PlayStation 4 users behind and that it'd come to that platform, too.

A PC version is expected in the future given that God of War came to the PC and other PlayStation games have followed suit, though Sony hasn't announced anything like that. Some recent job listings did give PC users some hope of a port, however, but it'll be a while before (and if) that happens.


The new God of War game has remained surprisingly resilient to leaks as far as new story-based releases go, but some spoilers did befall the game earlier in the year. That's not uncommon by any means, but as Barlog indicated on social media, it's often a blow to those who were looking forward to the game and especially those who worked on it.