Exploring Godtear's Champions: Titus

Titus is an armor-clad champion in Godtear made to clear out the battlefield in a hurry. In Godtear, the new miniatures skirmish game by Steamforged Games, Champions and their small bands of followers do battle while trying to claim Godtears, small crystals that hold the essence of fallen gods. To play Godtear, players form warbands consisting of three Champions and their respective followers. Unlike other miniature games, there's no point system to follow when building warbands, so players simply need to pick which Champions best fit their playstyle.

ComicBook.com is taking a look at some of the first Champions available to use in Godtear, beginning with Titus, the Disgraced. Titus is a Maelstrom unit that has a band of five Glory Seekers as his followers. As a Maelstrom unit, Titus scores extra points whenever he defeats a follower from an opposing team, and he has several attacks that allows him to hit multiple followers per attack. In order to set these attacks up, Titus ideally wants to use his "I'll Kill You All" skill during the plot phase. Providing that he hits with this skill, Titus can move opposing followers around, setting them up for either his powerful Piercing Strike or Sweeping Strike attacks.

Titus's special Superiority ability makes him a real bane against Follower units, as he gets an extra dodge and an extra protection against all follower attacks. Followers aren't going to be able to do a lot of damage against Titus, and his two Strikes (both of which can only be once per activation) do the maximum damage when he's surrounded by followers to kill.

godtear titus 1
(Photo: Steamforged Games)

Titus's followers are called Glory Seekers and work best ganging up on opponents. The Glory Seekers are quick movers that jump back into battle quickly when recruited thanks to their Rapid Deployment ability, which allows a recruited Glory Seeker to move up to two spaces. This is mostly important because it helps position the Glory Seekers for their Surround Pound attack, which gains one hit dice and one damage dice for every hex adjacent to the target that has a Glory Seeker in it. With five Glory Seekers, it's possible to do a Surround Pound with up to 8 hit dice and 7 damage dice, which is about as powerful as a Champion attack. Glory Seekers can also debuff an opponent with their Hack skill, reducing an opponent's protection by 1.


Titus's biggest weakness is his lack of movement speed. Titus can only move two hexes per phase, although his Glory Seekers can help with their "Roar of Battle" skill during the Plot phase. Still, Titus's low speed means that he can't chase followers around the battlefield, which makes him slightly disappointing in games where the action is spread out. You'll need to make followers come to you, or get him into position close to an objective hex in order to maximize his potential.

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