Good News, Grand Theft Auto Online’s Main Modding Tool OpenIV Returns

Things have been pretty messy in the Grand Theft Auto Online modding community as of late. [...]


Things have been pretty messy in the Grand Theft Auto Online modding community as of late. Take-Two previously issued a cease and desist letter to the team over at OpenIV, one of the more popular modding tools that works with the popular online game. Since then, fans have been on a rampage against the publisher, even going as far as to flood Grand Theft Auto V with negative reviews over on Steam. It's even gotten to the point that Rockstar Games has stepped in to try and fan the flames.

But, alas, it appears that the modders have won the battle. For now, at least. GTA Forums has recently reported that not only is OpenIV back in business, but it actually has a new update. At one point, the program was pretty much dead in the water following Take-Two's cease and desist order, since the team didn't feel like battling them in court (mainly due to the expenses required for such a legal battle), but now it appears to be up and running again, with its latest update, 2.9.0, available as of this week, providing a few bug fixes and improvements.


Take-Two hasn't said anything on the matter, so the extent to OpenIV's return on the market has yet to be addressed. Is this a temporary win? Did Rockstar Games work something out with the programmers where mods could be allowed again? Or did the publisher simply relent because it was too much negative feedback from the community to handle? We're not quite sure, since no one has said anything…but this is clearly a win for the modding community, and unless something else arises, this could very well be business as usual for them.

If this was a decision on Take-Two's part, it's certainly a wise one, considering how much of a best-seller Grand Theft Auto V has become over the years, selling millions of copies. In fact, it's still selling well this year, several years following its release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. And why change what works?

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as part of Grand Theft Auto V.