Gotham Knights Team Breaks Down Suit Styles and Costume Customization

There was a lot to discuss after Gotham Knights' big DC FanDome debut, and one of the most talked-about elements of the game revolved around its approach to costumes and gear. The footage gave us a hint of several different costumes for your characters, showing a different Batgirl costume when she is taking on Mr. Freeze and then another one when we see the team unite on the rooftops. We see the same thing from Robin, as his Red Robin suit can also be seen, though it wasn't known if these changes were story related or just a part of the game's costume and gear system at work. recently had the chance to speak to Gotham Knights Creative Director Patrick Redding about that particular aspect of the game, and he broke down how it all works.

"It's entirely progression driven," Redding said. "The player has control over, obviously, the evolution of their gear in terms of their suit and their weapons, but also there's an aesthetic layer to that too, which is the Suit Styles that you're able to unlock. Each of our heroes is going to be coming with a big range of styles, and within a certain look, you'll also have variations in accessories, right? So you might have, for example, the style that you saw her fighting Mr. Freeze with. There'd be variations in terms of the cowl, in terms of gauntlets, in terms of other aspects of it that would fit within that style."

We interpret that to mean that while you have several different overall costume designs, certain aspects of those costumes will be interchangeable, like the gauntlets or cowl Redding mentioned, meaning you can have the same overall style as someone else's version but yours is going to be different because of those changes within the suit style.

Redding also teased that there are far more suit styles for each character than just the ones we saw in the FanDome footage.

"And that was very important for us because, it's funny, there are expressions of the suits in there that look very vibrant and colorful and very true to the comics, and there are others that you'll see that are quite grounded, and others that have even more fantastical elements to them," Redding said. "So the idea was to provide a big range and give players an opportunity to gravitate towards a look that really matches their personal style or maybe satisfies that one scenario that they always wanted to see that hero in, and we're providing quite a bit of that content."


Gotham Knights is set to hit consoles in 2021.

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