Grand Theft Auto 6 Mentions Seemingly Muted on Rockstar's YouTube Channel

GTA fans have gotten pretty impatient waiting for news on Grand Theft Auto VI, and every time Rockstar Games mentions anything on its social channels, the company is inundated with comments and requests related to the next game in the series. Apparently, Rockstar has had enough of this, muting mentions of the game on its YouTube videos. Twitter user @Not_StrangeMan shared possible evidence of the move, with two images: one of his comment about GTA VI, and another image, in which his comment can't be seen when signed in through a different account.

The Tweet from @Not_StrangeMan can be found embedded below.

It's hard to say for certain if this is something Rockstar is actively doing on YouTube. However, if the publisher is muting mentions of the game, it's kind of easy to understand why: fans have gotten a bit out of hand when it comes to asking for news. It's clear that Rockstar will pull back the curtain on the next Grand Theft Auto when it's good and ready to do so. Video game development is a long process, especially for a series like GTA. Fan requests have gotten so out of hand that a game show in Germany was interrupted by someone asking for information about GTA VI, despite the fact that the host clearly knew nothing about it.

It's understandable that fans get impatient when video game companies go a long time without providing updates, but it's important to remember that there are real people maintaining these social accounts that have to deal with this barrage on a daily basis. Earlier this year, PlatinumGames' Hideki Kamiya shared similar frustrations over fans that were constantly harassing him for new information about Bayonetta 3. Developers are working hard behind the scenes to produce the games we play, and if they show them off before the games are ready, it can lead to diminished interest, negative expectations, and it can even have an impact on the company's finances.

Regardless of what's happening here, GTA fans might want to take this as a sign to let Rockstar Games breathe a little. When the publisher is ready to show off Grand Theft Auto VI, it will surely do so.

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