Get Ahead in Grand Theft Auto V With the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack

Grand Theft Auto V

A new DLC pack is now available in Grand Theft Auto V that lets players get a leg up on the competition with tons of vehicles, funds, and much more.

Called the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, the DLC will give you everything that you need to get started in GTA V if you recently picked up the game that’s still going strong. The game had a strong showing recently with an incredible trailer showing off The Doomsday Heist, so it’s easy to imagine some players might’ve been convinced to pick the game up or get back into it.

However, if you’re looking to get started with the Criminal Enterprise DLC, you’ll have to pay a decent amount for all the content that you’re getting. The starter pack is available for $39.99, but depending on how badly you want the vehicles and other additions that are included in the package, it might not seem like that bad of a deal to you. Everything that you’ll find inside the DLC can be seen below, so take a look and see if it’s worth the investment for the content that’s valued at $10,000,000 in GTA funds.

  • GTA$1,000,000 Bonus Cash
  • Properties:
    • Maze Bank West Executive Office
    • Paleto Forest Gunrunning Bunker
    • Senora Desert Counterfeit Cash Factory
    • Great Chaparral Biker Clubhouse
    • 1561 San Vitas Street Apartment
    • 1337 Exceptionalists Way 10 Car Garage
  • Vehicles:
    • Dune FAV
    • Maibatsu Frogger
    • Enus Windsor
    • Obey Omnis
    • Coquette Classic
    • Turismo R
    • Pegassi Vortex
    • Huntley S
    • Western Zombie Chopper
    • Banshee
  • Weapons, Clothing & Tattoos:
    • Compact Grenade Launcher
    • Marksman Rifle
    • Compact Rife
    • Stunt Race & Import / Export Outfits, Biker Tattoos

The Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack is the same price as just under $40 on every platform including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam versions, but the DLC has received mixed reviews so far. Plenty of them are players who didn’t read the full description though and thought they were getting $10,000,000 in GTA funds instead of seeing that the content was valued at that cost.