GTA Online Update Adds New Vehicles and Weapon

GTA Online's latest update, Criminal Enterprises, is out now across all platforms with tons of changes and additions included for players to look forward to. We've seen some of those previewed already before with Rockstar Games talking about various improvements added as a result of community feedback. Whether you asked for the aforementioned changes or not, the latest update also brought some things that any GTA Online player can make use of: new vehicles and a new weapon to defend your vehicles with.

The new vehicles were something players had already picked up on even prior to Rockstar's announcement about its plans to inject some new rides into the GTA Online marketplace. Some new vehicles were spotted in the trailer for the Criminal Enterprises update, and this week, a couple of them have been added to the game.

Rockstar did not include a full list of them in its release post for the Criminal Enterprises update but rather directed players to head to the auto dealers about Los Santos to purchase the new rides. GTA-focused Twitter user Tez2, however, did provide a list of vehicles players could peruse assuming they've got the cash for them. The six new vehicles added in this week's update can be seen listed below along with their values:

For those who would rather focus on the vehicles you have now and get to these new ones later, the same update also added some new modifications and other customizations for existing vehicles.

"And citizens of Los Santos know there's only one way to age: Like a fine wine," Rockstar said in a preview of this new update. "A fine wine that's been pumped full of formaldehyde and locked in resin. That's why some well-loved favorites have been given a facelift. Find the Pegassi Zentorno, Benefactor Stirling GT, Grotti Turismo R, and much more with brand-new modifications and liveries."

Finally, you can check out the new weapon, the Precision Rifle, by finding it via Ammu-Nation. It's described as a "long-range, bolt-action firearm with killer accuracy," and it's priced at $391,500.

GTA Online's new Criminal Enterprises update is now available across all platforms.