GTA Online Players Plead With Rockstar Games to Fix Hack Leaking Private Information

GTA Online hackers and modders are once again ruining the experience for many players of the PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X game, and now these players are pleading with Rockstar Games to solve the issue. Taking to Twitter, Grand Theft Auto YouTuber "thebrickprince" highlights the game's ongoing problem, which allows modders and hackers not only to force players out of single-player and invite-only sessions but leaks private information like their IP address. Making the matter worse, it's impossible to report those abusing these hacks and mods.

Fortunately for console players, the problem is limited to just PC. That said, if you're on PC, there's not much you can do to prevent yourself from being targeted. And right now, Rockstar Games has not only offered zero solutions, but it hasn't even acknowledged the problem.

"I offer a sincere warning to anyone trying to play GTA Online on PC. There are two (known) malicious mod menus that can force you out of single-player or invite-only sessions. This is a severe security risk and should not be underestimated. These menus allow players to spoof their names and Rockstar IDs to make it impossible to report them. They can also access your IP address, and bookmark your Rockstar ID that gives them a notification for every time you go online, making it living hell for anyone a modder chooses. These menus go unchecked every day and make it torture for anyone who wants to play the game, even in an invite-only session, one of the amazing benefits of the new Heist update."

The Twitter user conitnues:


"I plead to Rockstar Support and Rockstar Games to do something about this. You've sent cease and desists to menus before, please do it again. Please make changes to your game that don't allow modders to do this. Please do something. I urge anyone else in the Rockstar community to share this post and information. It's a few clicks of a button for modders to access IP addresses to Ddoss or even get other players swatted if they feel like it. People are often times hurt in swat raids, sometimes even killed."

As noted, Rockstar Games hasn't acknowledged the issue, which has been plaguing the game for quite some time. If this changes, we will be sure to update the story. In the meantime, if you're playing the game on PC, watch out.