GTA Online Brings Back One of Its Best Rewards

GTA Online players often get huge rewards from performing specific missions during each weekly update or from Rockstar Games just giving away money, but one of the best rewards of all is back for players to hunt for. The latest GTA Online update has brought diamonds back to the Diamond Casino & Resort which means that if players take on the Diamond Casino Heist right now, there’s a good chance that they’ll come away with a cache of valuable gems. These diamonds have historically come and gone from the casino though, so anyone who wants to score big at the resort should act quickly so they don’t miss out.

Rockstar Games’ announcement about the latest GTA Online update teased the arrival of the diamonds in the casino’s vaults. Those diamonds have appeared time to time in the vaults before, so when there was mention of a “shipment of gems,” there was little question as to what it was.

“There’s chatter (and grainy security camera footage floating around the dark web) suggesting that The Diamond’s vault may have received a shipment of gems this week,” Rockstar said. “Once you’ve finished setting up the Casino Heist, make your way into the belly of the beast for an opportunity to walk away with a windfall of pressurized carbon.”

For those who haven’t found these diamonds before while taking on the Diamond Casino Heist, they’ll earn you much more than the other rewards if you’re lucky enough to obtain them. They’re not guaranteed from the Diamond Casino Heist since you still have the chance at earning other rewards at the end, but according to GTA dataminer TezFunz2, players have a “high chance” of scoring some diamonds from the loot pool right now. That chance still isn’t as high as getting the less valuable rewards like cash or artwork, but it’s still high enough to warrant a few trips to the casino if you’re planning on playing GTA Online soon.


The thing with the diamonds is that they don’t always stick around for long though, so regardless of what the chances are, you’re better off trying for them sooner rather than later so that you can hopefully get some before they’re taken away.