GTA Online Update Gives Out Free Rewards, But Not for Everyone

Grand Theft Auto Online got another of its weekly updates, and as is the case with pretty much every release, it included some free items for players to add to their collections. However, these items require a bit more effort and in-game money than you might be used to putting into the game if you’re a relatively new player. The items consist of a free hoodie and a free vehicle livery, but only if you’ve purchased a bunker and have reached at least Rank 100.

The rewards for this week’s GTA Online update were outlined in the post on the Rockstar Games site where players can see what’s what in the game every Thursday. Clothing pieces are especially common in GTA Online’s weekly releases, though the requirements for them change each time. This week’s clothing reward is the Hawk & Little Hoodie, and to get it, you have to purchase a bunker or have to have already purchased one in the past.

That’s’ not too difficult a task assuming you’ve got the funding, but if you don’t have it on-hand, you might have to put some time into this week’s bonuses in the Bunker Series and Motor Wars modes to earn enough. The cheapest bunker you can buy right now goes for 1.45 million GTA$, so it’s not exactly cheap. Thankfully, you can purchase bunkers at a discount right now since they’re all 50% off, so if you’ve been eyeing one, now’s the time to get it.

The other reward being given away this week is a Trees Camo Livery for the HVY APC. No, you don’t get the HVY APC itself, but you’ll at least have a skin for it. The requirement for that one is to be at least Rank 100 which isn’t too demanding if you’ve been playing for a while since ranks go far beyond that, but it’s not something you’ll hit overnight. You’ve got a week to make it happen though, so at least you’ve got some time to level up if you’re far off the goal.


“It takes true grit to rise up the ranks — to celebrate long-time loyal players and recent albeit dedicated converts alike, GTA Online will be rewarding all players above Rank 100 with the Trees Camo Livery for the HVY APC,” Rockstar Games said. “Claim and apply it in any Weaponized Vehicle Workshop so your transport can blend into its surroundings a tad less conspicuously. You will receive the Livery up to 72 hours after you login on May 3rd.”

GTA Online’s new update is now available across all platforms.