GTA Online Update Makes a Limited-Time Vehicle Permanently Available

Rockstar Games recently gave GTA Online players a free vehicle just for playing, but there was a catch: The vehicle known as the Grotti Brioso 300 was only available for a limited time. You had to play the game sometime between December 24th and December 30th to get it before the offer expired, but if you didn’t get it then, you’re in luck now that it’s brought back and has been made available to purchase.

When it was available the first time, the Grotti Brioso 300 was one of several free rewards being given out during the game’s holiday festivities. Some of the typical offers included cosmetics and bonus income for certain events, but it’s not too often players are just given a car for free. Missing out on it then means you’ll literally have to pay for it now with your in-game money, but at least the vehicle is up for grabs again if you were too busy to pick it up during the holiday season.

“Grotti's designers always knew they were missing something vital. Sure their compacts ticked all the boxes — knees by your chin, elbows out the window — but day after day they would return to the drawing board certain there was one trick they'd yet to try,” Rockstar Games said about the vehicle’s return. And then, one beautiful genius whispered ‘smaller.’ That's how the 300 was born. If you missed the holiday rush to pick up the Grotti Brioso 300, fear not — this ultra-compact Compact is now available to purchase from Southern San Andreas Super Autos.”

Rockstar Games didn’t list in its announcement post the price for the vehicle, but if you’re finding yourself pressed for cash right now, the same update that rereleased the car has some suggestions for how you can make up the difference. Air Freight Cargo Sell Missions, A Superyacht Life Missions, Sea and Air Races and the Stockpile mode are all giving out twice the rewards this week. Hidden Caches and Treasure Chests are similarly giving out double the rewards, so if you don’t have enough to purchase the vehicle now, you should be able to change that pretty quickly.