GTA Online Update Brings Back One of the Game's Strangest Features

After welcoming the Peyote Plants back into GTA Online earlier in the month, Rockstar Games has [...]

After welcoming the Peyote Plants back into GTA Online earlier in the month, Rockstar Games has once again given players another chance to seek out these plants and their powerful properties. The game's latest update that celebrates GTA Online's successes has scattered Peyote Plants throughout Los Santos for players to look for if they want to have a unique experience by turning into an animal. These Peyote Plants have historically only returned for limited intervals though, so those in search of their effects will want to take advantage of the opportunity while it's available.

Even when compared to the rest of the freedoms offered by GTA Online, interacting with the Peyote Plants in the online Grand Theft Auto game isn't something players get to do often which makes it all the more special when the plants return. Rockstar Games confirmed their arrival on Los Santos in the game's newest update, the same one that gave players a free vehicle for doing nothing more than just playing the game.

Though the plants are small and may blend in with their surroundings, they've appeared often enough now to thankfully not be a difficult find. Their general locations across Los Santos have been documented well by now with the game's Wiki, for example, providing players with a map as to where they can find these coveted plants.

For those who haven't taken part in the Peyote Plant festivities before, you're in for quite the trip. After finding and consuming one, players will pass out after a series of hallucinations. You'll then "respawn" as an animal, though what that animal will be can almost never be determined before the transformation. You can control it to a degree by finding plants in certain areas like the ocean as opposed to the land, and there are even some unique Peyote Plants that have guaranteed transformations.

Rockstar Games said in its announcement post that it'd be celebrating GTA Online and its community for the next four weeks, though that doesn't necessarily indicate the Peyote Plants will be around for that long. For that reason, players would be advised to get as much as they want out of the plants before they're gone again.