GTA Trilogy Remastered Leak Reveals New Details and Upgrades

A new description of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition has appeared from Rockstar Games that gives us a better idea of what to expect from the upcoming remastered collection. At this point in time, Rockstar itself has said very little about the bundle, instead promising fans that it will have more to reveal in the coming weeks. Prior to that time, however, Rockstar has seemingly let the cat out of the bag and has more clearly revealed just how these old Grand Theft Auto titles will be enhanced. 

In a support page that has since been removed from Rockstar's website, a new description was found that revealed a ton of new information related to Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition. Notably, this description better gave us an idea of the modern gameplay additions that will be coming to all three games. "Three iconic cities, three epic stories. Play the genre-defining classics of the original Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas updated for a new generation, now with across-the-board enhancements including brilliant new lighting and environmental upgrades, high-resolution textures, increased draw distances, Grand Theft Auto V-style controls and targeting, and much more, bringing these beloved worlds to life with all new levels of detail," the description read. As a whole, the biggest takeaway here is that the same control system that was found in GTA V will clearly be making the jump to the GTA Trilogy

In addition to these new details emerging, the support page also mentioned that those who buy Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition through the Rockstar Games Launcher prior to January 5th will qualify for a $10 voucher to use on a future purchase. While it remains to be seen if this promotion will actually come to fruition, it wouldn't be shocking to see come true. 

As mentioned, assuming that these details that have leaked for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition are accurate, we should be hearing more about it in an official capacity from Rockstar very soon. Until then, you can plan to pick up Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms when it launches later this year.