Two New Half-Life Games Are in Development, Claims Insider

After finally returning to the series with Half-Life: Alyx just about one year ago, it sounds like [...]

After finally returning to the series with Half-Life: Alyx just about one year ago, it sounds like Valve could once again be looking to make a renewed investment in one of its most beloved franchises. Based on some new information that has emerged from a credible source, the long-running studio could currently be working on not only one, but two different games set within the Half-Life universe.

According to Tyler McVicker, who is one of the most prominent leakers when it comes to all things related to Valve, the studio currently is working on multiple projects associated with Half-Life right now. One of these two is currently codenamed "Citadel" and has had a number of rumors attached to it for quite some time. In fact, Valve founder Gabe Newell has been asked about Citadel point-blank in the past, although he obviously didn't reveal anything about the potential game. The second title, according to McVicker, is then known as "HLX", which is something that we haven't heard about before.

Based on what McVicker has shared in his newest video, Citadel is shaping up to be some sort of multiplayer, RTS title. The game will have players controlling different units on a grid-like map. There may also be some asymmetrical elements to it as well.

As for HLX, well, there's less that we currently know about this potential game. McVicker says that the codename for this project is one that popped up in some recent updates for Valve's Half-Life VR system. As such, it's assumed that this codenamed title could be some sort of follow-up installment to Half-Life: Alyx. For now, though, there are far more questions than answers about this game.

Even though McVicker has an excellent track record when it comes to reporting on all things Valve, keep in mind that you shouldn't get too excited about these potential games just yet. Although it seems like Valve is taking a renewed interest in developing and releasing video games for the future, until any of these titles are outright unveiled by the studio, you're better off keeping your hype in check.

That being said, what do you think about this new information? Would you like to play more games set within the world of Half-Life? Share your thoughts with me either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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