Halo Episode 8 Clip Sees Master Chief Fight a Surprising Enemy

Paramount+ is set to release the eighth episode of Halo, "Allegiance," tomorrow, May 12th. A promo for the new episode released following the latest episode last week teased shifting alliances and, as the episode title implied, allegiances, but if a new clip is any indication, there's far more shifting than one might expect.

Warning: beyond this point, there be spoilers for Halo in general thus far.

The clip itself is relatively brief but sees Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) without his armor call out to speak with some kind of assailant or assailants. Out of nowhere appears Vannak (Bentley Kalu), one of Chief's fellow Silver Team Spartans. A fight follows with Riz (Natasha Culzac) joining in against Master Chief. Where Kai (Kate Kennedy) is, exactly, during all of this remains unclear. While Vannak claims that Master Chief is not well, Master Chief implores the two of them that they are all on the same side. And just out of sight, Makee (Charlie Murphy) watches the whole thing go down.

Given that the previous episode that focused on Master Chief and Makee concluded with them sharing a vision of the eponymous ring installation, it seems that not everyone is thrilled with that. You can check out the clip from Halo's eighth episode, "Allegiance," for yourself embedded below:

"John and Makee come to terms with their shared vision," the official logline for the new episode reads. "Halsey has one last chance to save her mission, and herself. As things come to a head, everyone must choose a side."

As noted above, the seventh episode of the Halo television series, "Inheritance," is now available to stream on Paramount+ alongside the rest of the series so far. The next episode, "Allegiance," is set to release on Paramount+ tomorrow, May 12th. New episodes, in general, release on Thursdays. The series stars Pablo Schreiber as Master ChiefNatascha McElhone as Dr. Catherine HalseyJen Taylor as the voice of Cortana, Yerin Ha as Kwan Ha, and more. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the Halo TV show right here. And you can catch Halo directly on Paramount+ right here.

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