Halo Infinite Leak Reveals Mysterious Campaign Cutscene Deleted From the Game

A new Halo Infinite leak has revealed a campaign cutscene that was cut at some point during development. The cutscene itself isn't that notable, but it's unclear what it was deleted. What makes the cut even more interesting is that it was an end-credits scene. In other words, while it's not clear why it's important, it obviously has some significance and presumably connects the base game to the rumored campaign DLC. 

According to previous reports and rumors, 343 Industries cut a substantial amount of content from Halo Infinite during development as it ran out of time and resources to realize its ambition with the game. So, it's not very surprising cut content is surfacing, this time courtesy of the game's files and a datamining leak. What's surprising is that the scene in question is a mid-credits scene.

As noted, it's currently unclear why this cutscene was cut from the game or what its implications are. If any of this changes -- if more insight is provided or more information is discovered -- we will be sure to update the story accordingly. In the meantime, below, you can watch the cutscene for yourself, courtesy of Gamecheat13. 

While it's unclear why the scene was cut and what exactly it means, as you would expect, fans have thoughts and theories addressing both mysteries.

"It's more interesting that they cut this than what it actually shows, I mean I'd assume with the state of the UNSC a wide range of Halo characters could reasonably have been on the Infinity when it was attacked and are likely still on Zeta somewhere for future storylines," writes one fan of the cutscene. "Knowing that yes, someone is there, doesn't say much. Removing the scene then is interesting and points towards some change in plans, or they are simply giving themselves more flexibility by not locking themselves into extra details as they work on the next campaign.

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