Halo Infinite Is Already Breaking Records on Steam

Halo Infinite multiplayer has only been live for a little over a day, but the game is already breaking records on Valve's Steam platform. Specifically, the latest entry in the long-running shooter franchise has been able to amass a substantial player base out of the gate, leading to this being the most successful title from Xbox Game Studios that has ever launched on the popular PC platform. 

According to data from Steam Charts, Halo Infinite has been able to accrue a vast number of players on PC since going live to kick off the week. Specifically, the game's all-time player peak happened this afternoon when a little more than 176,000 players were playing Halo Infinite at once on Steam. While this concurrent player total doesn't yet contend with some of the biggest titles on Steam, when comparing it to the rest of the Xbox library on the platform, it's already one of the publisher's biggest games. In fact, Halo Infinite has already done enough to break the all-time concurrent player total on Steam for a game published by Xbox Game Studios. 

In some ways, this is definitely to be expected. After all, the multiplayer portion of Halo Infinite was released as a free-to-play product, meaning that it's easily the most accessible game that Xbox has ever released. Still, for this many players to already be diving into Infinite in such a short period of time bodes well for its future. In fact, if even a fraction of this many players are also experiencing the game on Xbox consoles, then it's surely considered a hit already by those at 343 Industries

While Halo Infinite's multiplayer is live right now, the campaign isn't going to be coming until a couple of more weeks. This aspect of the game will launch on December 8, and unlike the multiplayer, it will not be free to download. If you're looking to play the multiplayer for yourself now, though, it's available across Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

Have you been playing Halo Infinite for yourself since its release yesterday? And if so, how are you feeling about it so far? Share your impressions with me either down in the comments or shoot me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12.